Sony A7Rii field tested review (vs Nikon D810)

Featured Friday, 18 September 2015 01:45

A few weeks in the field, thousands of frames - here are my thoughts.


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  • Comment Link Zsolt hary Friday, 18 September 2015 03:29 posted by Zsolt hary

    Hi Matt

    I enjoyed your talk about the Sony A7Rii. Like you I am keeping my Canon gear (you Nikon) however over the past two years I have been building up my Fuji X system and now swap between both or mix and match as needed. Sometimes going on a trip with just the lighter Fuji gear can make the journey just that little more enjoyable. I'm only a hobby photographer so the Fuji APS-C sensor (as opposed to the Sony FF) suits my needs perfectly. If for whatever reason I need FF then I will use the Canon. Bhutan trip looks good :)


  • Comment Link dave Pruett Friday, 18 September 2015 04:28 posted by dave Pruett

    Great review, Matt. Can't wait to read the comments from the Sony/Nikon lovers/haters on how you got everything wrong including the spelling of your name. As you know, I have been using my Sony a6000 as a companion to my Canon 5DM3. As with your review of the A7R2, there are things I love about the 6000, things that are annoying and things I hope they change in the next revision. I have to say that I am very impressed with the image quality from both cameras. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and biases.

  • Comment Link Bruce Connelly Friday, 18 September 2015 09:21 posted by Bruce Connelly


    Now which Nikon do you have that has all three battery's with the grip?

    Funny none of mine do and I have a d810.d800,d7100,d7200.....

    Yes the Nikons do have the pack in the grip but only one in the tray outside of using penlights so the total is the same.

    Perhaps the issue really is the fact that the capacity of the Sony cells is almost 1/2 the Nikon so overall three would be better. FYI when shooting in the cold with Sony there is a pack for usage inside your jacket. The Nikon doesn't need this as with enerloops they go down past -20.

    So next time I suggest you take a Sony 70-200 and an a6000. That will eliminate the usage of Nikon in the long end and the 1.4x as well due to the crop,
    Agree the 24-70 sucks ,will get fixed next month.

    Good luck and Bhutan looks great.


  • Comment Link Peter Monday, 21 September 2015 13:43 posted by Peter

    Interesting review. However, I disagree with the wish for a bigger battery: I rather carry two spares in my pocket than a heavier camera. But then, I like small cameras and wouldn't even consider to add that huge grip, either.

  • Comment Link Mike Ross Friday, 25 September 2015 15:25 posted by Mike Ross

    I enjoyed the review and respect your opinion. I have been using the A7RII for five weeks and have taken over 1,500 shots and have never experienced the "blackout" problem you mentioned. Some of the issues e.g. battery life could have been avoided if they had made the camera bigger. I do not understand why they felt compelled to make it as small as it is. I agree on the lack of quality glass. I have returned the 24-240 and the 24-70 and will use my Zeiss and Sony A mount lenses with adapters until they produce some quality zooms. The 90 macro and 55-1.8 are excellent however. Overall, I am very happy with the camera. The image quality is outstanding, the ability to see the changes to shooting parameters in the EVF, the articulated rear screen, and the ability to use almost any lens via adapters are all significant pluses IMO. Again my thanks for the WEB site and your reviews and tutorials.


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