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All images from the book are available as fine art photographic prints. Images are printed on archival quality photographic paper, hand signed, rolled into packing tubes and sent to you.

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More info on the project below.

Private Bodies celebrates beauty and trust.


The project was born out of my interest in peoples perception and acceptance of their bodies, as well as the position of nude photography in society and art. Not surprisingly, given the world of paparazzi, many people are not as trusting of photographers these days. I wanted to challenge this – to invite all people to participate in the project.

The central concept of the project is 'everyday people, nude in their own space'. That usually means their own home - but we shot in some fantastic and unusual locations too. One subject spent her whole life around horses. She flew up to Sydney to be in Private Bodies, so we found a gorgeous horse farm in the mountains and spent the day shooting there.

 Who are the subjects?

The subjects of the book are a cross section of society – there were no conditions or requirements to participate other than being over 18 and interested in the concept. Subjects range from people totally comfortable with their bodies to up and coming models, to camera-shy people who had never posed for a photoshoot – let alone nude.

For those who follow my YouTube Channel ‘ThatNikonGuy’ – you will recognise many familiar faces from various videos, including Caitlin, Orlando, Jennifer, Jason and Tina.


What isn't Private Bodies?

While Private Bodies was born from some deep questions I had about nudity, trust and the role of photographers – this is not an academic piece. It is a celebration of beauty and the human form. 

 It is not censored, it is not gratuitous and it is not exploitational. 

Does it have words?

Yes. The foreword for Private Bodies has been written by friend and collaborator Charles Waterstreet – a Sydney barrister, author and larrikin 

I will also contribute with an introduction.

Each participant completed a short questionnaire about themselves and how they feel about different issues relating to nudity and their body. A minimal amount of text will be included indicating the subjects name, date of the shoot and in some cases a response from the questionnaire.



Tell me about the shooting process.

I prefer to shoot in a casual and relaxed way. Each of the shoots took place at either the subjects home, somewhere meaningful or somewherecomfortable for them. The shoots ranged form 45 minutes to several hours, and always included lots of chat, laughter and fun. 

By shooting in peoples own spaces I could include elements that had special meaning to the individual – be it décor, pets or trinkets. I had not previously seen the locations, so the shoots flowed organically. On occasions I gave suggestions of poses to improve composition and shot more abstract/bodyscape images.

Please be aware that the book does contain full nudity - the images shared here online have been carefully chosen as 'internet friendly'. The project is all about being comfortable with nudity in your own space.



What kind of book is it?

 Private Bodies is going to be an 235mm x 320mm (9.2x12.6 inch) portrait-oriented, hardcover coffee table book with approximately 200 pages containing a mix of full-color and monochrome photos on high quality paper. This Kickstarter covers a 1st edition run of 1500 copies, and all copies ordered via Kickstarter will be signed.