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Meet the Team

Matt Granger Photography is a photography studio based in Sydney Australia. Matt is a portrait photographer and photography educator, passionate about sharing the love of photography.

Matt Granger

matt-granger-headshotBefore YouTube & travelling the world teaching, Matt is a passionate professional photographer, specialising in all things 'people' related. Matt has been published extenisvely in Australia and abroad, and has exhibited with the likes of Studio Harcourt.

Over the past 5 years Matt has become more focussed on what he calls Intimate Portraiture - tasteful nude portraits, often shot on location with a casual atmosphere.

Matt became involved in the photography training market several years ago after posting a few photography videos to YouTube. Since then the channel has grown to become one of the largest, and most viewed photography channels worldwide. Matt's down to earth approach and friendly character have made him popular as a workshop host and speaker at events around the world.

Whilst he is a confessed gear addict, Matt's mantra is 'Get Your Gear Out'. GYGO is the idea that whatever gear you own, wish you owned or plan to own - the most important thing is to get out and shoot. You will improve more and enjoy your photography by shooting - rather than collecting equipment!

Outside of work, Matt is a happy husband, a passionate traveller and explorer and a bit of a foodie. Matt studied economics and film studies degrees at university - thankfully he has washed away most of the first, and kept a passion for film.

To view a gallery of Matt's portraiture, please click here. (Contains nudity)

 Read Matt's Ethics and Conduct statement here.

Tina Yong

tina-yong-headshot2Tina & Matt met in late 2012 to collaborate on a photoshoot, with the intention of making a video for the YouTube Channel. Suffice to say, they hit it off - that day alone they made 7 videos, and have worked together since.

Although Tina was originally a model on the channel, she is an extremely talented professional Hair and Make Up artist.

Tina now collaborates on a number of projects and video series, such as Educating Tina and Live Photoshoots, as well as some exciting upcoming projects.

 To check out Tina's Make Up site, please click here.


Justin Beverstock 

justin-beverstock-headshotJustin is a passionate photographer based in Wollongong, south of Sydney. Justin shoots weddings and a range of events, but his main passion is Landscapes. In 2013 Justin produced a calendar of his Landscape photographs.

After helping out on a couple of assignments, Justin joined the Matt Granger Photography family in late 2013 as Matt's assistant. 

Now living the glamourous high-life of an assistant, Justin helps Matt with a range of things - like carrying gear, updating the website and organising and packing for shoots. Justin has also started filming responsibilities and audio production for some more complex projects Matt is working on.

To check out Justin's photography website, please click here.


Jade Rochelle 

Jade-headshotAfter modelling at one of Matt's Sydney workshops, Jade has appeared in several YouTube videos.

Jade is an up and coming model - and importantly - she is able to put up with Matt's bad jokes - so you can expect to see her a lot more in coming months.

Beyond Modelling, Jade is a talented artist, currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Design - with a Photography elective!

To check out Jade's modelling page, please click here.