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I enjoyed the review and respect your opinion. I have been using the A7RII for five weeks and have taken over 1,500 shots and have never experienced the "blackout" problem you mentioned. Some of the issues e.g. battery life could have been avoided if they had made the camera bigger. I do not understand why they felt compelled to make it as small as it is. I agree on the lack of quality glass. I have returned the 24-240 and the 24-70 and will use my Zeiss and Sony A mount lenses with adapters until they produce some quality zooms. The 90 macro and 55-1.8 are excellent however. Overall, I am very happy with the camera. The image quality is outstanding, the ability to see the changes to shooting parameters in the EVF, the articulated rear screen, and the ability to use almost any lens via adapters are all significant pluses IMO. Again my thanks for the WEB site and your reviews and tutorials.