5.5 Hour Nude Portraiture Video Series

Learn how to take control of the light, pose your model and create stunning nude portraits in any location.


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Do you want to get into nude portraiture but not sure how to get started?

Want to create artistic nude images but not sure how?
Not confident posing & directing?

This video series demonstrates the techniques and tricks I have developed as a professional nude portrait photographer. I run through a comprehensive introduction that outlines getting started, styles of Intimate Portraiture; finding and working with models; waivers & a general overview.

We then take you through a series of 5 real life nude portrait shoots. Intimate Portraiture is a diverse and challenging form of photography. The photoshoots and models have been specifically designed to cover a variety of lighting situations, body types, styles of portraiture as well as using a range of equipment and techniques.



G string bottom


Shooting in a hotel is a common choice for beginners as it provides a private space which often contains useful design features. The cramped space and mixed lighting can be challenging – in this shoot I work through these issues, showing how you can create a range of images using available light, small speedlight flashes, and continuous lights.

We shoot in the bed, window frame, lounge as well as in the shower and bath tub. I run through a series of poses that are great for first time models, as well as more advanced and revealing poses.


Shooting outdoors in a public place presents unique challenges and opportunities. In this sunrise shoot we had a male and female model, what we shot individually and as a couple. As well as demonstrating poses and lighting techniques to deal with the rapidly changing light conditions, I talk through the best way to scout locations & shoot publicly to minimise disruptions and interruptions. In this shoot we use available light, reflections, speedlights and a variety of modifiers including softboxes.

Couple on sand
Woman in doorway


Shooting at home can be a great as it is a comfortable and familiar location for the subject. However it can also be cramped and difficult to find pleasing backgrounds for your images. Here I run through a variety of poses and locations to shoot, demonstrating how to balance indoor and outdoor lighting, how to make high key images easily, and how you can reveal and conceal using posing and lighting.


In this comprehenisve hour long segment we run through several techniques to create dynamic images using simple equipment. We use speedlights, studio strobes, black and white backgrounds & a range of modifiers. You will learn flattering poses to hide problem areas and dynamic poses that yield fantastic results. We also demonstrate the use of baby oil and water beads to add texture and depth to the images.

Woman on back
Woman holding flower


In our final hour long segment, we head to a forrest to create some beautiful Intimate Portraits in nature. This shoot took place during harsh afternoon sun, giving us the opportunity to show light softening and modifying techniques. Here we augment, overpower, soften and fill in the available light to get the amount of shadowing desired. We also talk through posing, angles and finding backgrounds that will yield beautiful results.


In this shoot we head to a designer hotel room to shoot with a model with darker complexion and large natural breasts. Here I demonstrate techniques for maximising the dynamic range of your camera, how to get skin tones correctly exposed without over or under exposing other parts of the scene. We also run through a series of different poses seated, standing and lying in bed that create vastly different results when working with large natural breasts.

Darker skin tone woman
Plus size model


In our final shoot I am joined by a size 14 model (us12 Euro44). We shoot in the home and outdoors, demonstrating different poses that are flattering for a full body shape. We work with available light and also create studio quality light setups using just a single manual flash. We also head outside to work with pools of light and shadow for dramatic environmental nude portraits.

You don’t need the most expensive gear to create amazing images.

Camera Gear

Matt shows you how to evaluate the available light, and what your options are. Some shoots are completed with just available light, others using cheap manual flashes, reflectors, diffusers and through to more expensive studio equipment.

Matt explains the gear used in each shoot, as well as his top tips for that environment and style of nude portraiture.



Olivier - Paris

I went through all the videos and I really think you did an amazing job. I'm currently shooting models since 2009 and mainly in apartments and hotel rooms, rarely some outdoor sessions but I'm planning to do more in 2014.
I mainly learned from your video about directing the models and focusing on the light (natural or artificial) to reveal the beauty of the human body. I kind of think now that who ever the model is, you can really some amazing artistic pictures using the right light, the right angle, and for intimate pictures, revealing very few and let the viewer imaging the rest.

- Olivier - Paris

Terry - United Kingdom

The intimate portraiture video series is awesome, great for showing how to achieve great images like those seen published in magazines. All in what would often seem like less than ideal spaces like a persons home full of the everyday clutter of human existence!

- Terry - United Kingdom

Tobias - Germany

As photography is a creative process and there are no right or wrongs, it's always nice to have someone teaching the basics for every craft you are doing. But these videos aren't just about the basic settings and gear - there's more! Matt talks about getting to know your model, how to pose them in a nice flattering way and see the light beforehand - it's such a great reminder that not only the gears is responsible for the outcome.
Furthermore the way Matt interacts with his audience is a special one - a lot of great tips, a little bit of tech talk and a lot of humor while retaining the required seriousness.

- Tobias - Germany

Connor - Oslo

Matt Granger's Intimate Portraiture series is a wonderful lesson in lighting and portraiture; both techically and personally. Matt provides unconditional access to the studio and the models whilst stepping us through his successful methods and processes to getting the best results in camera. Truly tip top and educational photographic fun!

- Connor - Oslo

Johnie - New York

Your video series was amazing and really help me understand how to respect and make the model feel comfortable. I now also feel more confident with lighting.

- Johnie - New York

Elizabeth - Australia

I highly recommend for anyone interested in learning more about portrait photography. The videos are jam-packed with practical hints, tips as well as plenty of sample photographs. it was easy to follow and after watching it really motivated me to 'get my gear out'! Thanks Matt Granger.

- Elizabeth - Australia

Alf - Japan

Building on years of experience, Matt Granger talks the aspiring photographer through the art, techniques the and practicalities of a model shoot in plain and easy to understand language. And with the bonus material just released, there is really no excuse to not get your gear out. I highly recommend anyone wanting to get into model photography to get this series.

- Alf - Japan

This video series is for anyone who...

  • Wants to learn how to work with models
  • Is not confident mixing flash and ambient light
  • Has trouble realising their vision in the final image
  • Wants to be able to evaluate the available light and work out what their options are
  • Is not totally confident posing models
  • Wants to create stunning nude portraits
  • Likes to learn by seeing real photoshoots
  • Would like to move into paid portrait work



+ free bonuses worth over $60!

*Total Full HD files size is 7.1gb, 720 HD is 3.2gb. each is split into individual files for easy download.

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1. Getting started with Models package

This includes a 35 minute audiobook detailing how to find models, make contact, negotiate terms and begin a working relationship. This is paired with an express PDF eBook, and you also get a Photo Shoot Run Sheet Template & Image Waiver Template - fill in your details and you are ready to go!

2. Private Bodies eBook ($35 RRP)

Get inspired by hundreds of images from ~90 nude photoshoots.

Matt Granger portrait


Matt is a portrait photographer and photography educator based in Sydney, Australia. Matt is a passionate people person, and he specialises in Intimate Nude Portraiture.

In 2013 Matt released his second book of portraiture, Private Bodies. This book was shot around the world over a two year period, and features everyday people nude in their own home. His images have been published nationally and internationally and he was the first portrait photographer to co-exhibit with the legendary Studio Harcourt in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2011 Matt established a YouTube channel to present photography tutorials and gear reviews. This has grown to be one of the largest independent photography channels internationally and has developed into a thriving online community of photography enthusiasts. The channel motto is Get Your Gear Out – which recognises that the best way to learn is to get out there and shoot, no matter your equipment or level of experience.

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I am so confident you will love this series, I am offering 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.



+ free bonuses worth over $60!

*Total Full HD files size is 7.1gb, 720 HD is 3.2gb. each is split into individual files for easy download.

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