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Now which Nikon do you have that has all three battery's with the grip?

Funny none of mine do and I have a d810.d800,d7100,d7200.....

Yes the Nikons do have the pack in the grip but only one in the tray outside of using penlights so the total is the same.

Perhaps the issue really is the fact that the capacity of the Sony cells is almost 1/2 the Nikon so overall three would be better. FYI when shooting in the cold with Sony there is a pack for usage inside your jacket. The Nikon doesn't need this as with enerloops they go down past -20.

So next time I suggest you take a Sony 70-200 and an a6000. That will eliminate the usage of Nikon in the long end and the 1.4x as well due to the crop,
Agree the 24-70 sucks ,will get fixed next month.

Good luck and Bhutan looks great.