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(Download includes 22 4K video files & Gear Guide PDF - 3:50 duration - 29gb in total)


This Course is For You If…

  • You want to take extreme close up images.
  • You want to learn about different macro lenses.
  • Are keen to learn lighting techniques.
  • You want to create stunning images in everyday situations.

Course Overview

This 3 hour and 50 minute macro photography is split into 4 broad segments. Introduction, Gear overview, shooting demonstrations and focus stacking.

1. Introduction

The introduction runs you through key terminology and concepts that are unique to this form of photography.

2. Equipment Overview

These 9 episodes run you through a huge variety of equipment, including 10 different macro lenses, lighting tools, shaping options and light boxes.  

3. Shooting Demonstrations

Over the next 9 instalments I bring you along 4 targeted macro photoshoots.

First we look at extreme close up flower photography with wild flowers picked outside my house, and we are surprised by finding some tiny bugs. This pivots into a 5x macro shoot to capture the little critters in amazing detail.

Next we take a look at abstract textural shots. Going in extremely close on common objects yields interesting shots where the subject becomes unclear and we focus in on shapes and patterns.

Next we look at lighting options and I show you how to explore a subject with a range of lighting patterns for unique results.

Finally we look at intentional inclusion of shadows - showing how to add depth and form to otherwise bland subjects.  

4. Focus Stacking

Shooting macro images results in a trade off - how do I get enough light and how do I get enough depth of field. In this two part final instalment I show you how to bracket images by adjusting your focus, then combine them in edit to create one image with everything in sharp focus, at a low ISO and with maximum image quality.


Imagine You Could…
  • Create interesting shots of everyday items.
  • Find details, textures and patterns whereever you point your camera
  • Create hugely detailed macro images of tiny objects!

icehead“In this course we will show you how to capture the sharpest, most detailed macro images possible, and explain all the gear options available..” Matt Granger

US$197 - LAUNCH SALE - only $77!


(Download includes 22 4K video files & Gear Guide PDF - 3:50 duration - 29gb in total)