LA Street Photography & Portraiture Workshop - With Rinzi Ruiz

Sunday 22 June - 10:00 to 18:00 – Downtown L.A.


Do you want to develop an eye for capturing engaging street images?

Are you keen to master available light, and become aware of shadow?

Do you love street portraiture?


Workshop Overview

This workshop is designed for photographers who want to learn to create engaging images on the street - of both found scenes and street portraiture.

There are many forms of street photography, many styles and ways to shoot it. This program is not preaching a particular dogma, we will discuss options, demonstrate techniques and alternatives.

Matt is co-presenting this workshop with Rinzi Ruiz - a fantastic street photographer and an LA local. Rinzi and Matt have quite different styles, and you will have the opportunity to learn and discuss techniques with them both. 

If you want to get up in peoples faces - so be it, we will help you develop that confidence. If you like to pose your subjects, we will assist you with the interaction and coach you. If you like to observe and not interfere with the scene, we will demonstrate options to achieve this outcome. Whether you ONLY want to use available light, or introduce flash or reflectors - we will coach you.

The morning starts with a discussion and brief presentation, followed by a block of open shooting. A group lunch (not included) will offer the opportunity to share experiences. After lunch we will run through more techniques, then hit the streets for more street shooting. We will reconvene mid afternoon for an hour to edit and process our shots and wrap with image discussion and feedback.


What you will get out of this workshop?

After attending this workshop you will overcome any hesitation in getting out on the street to make engaging images. You will be confident in your approach and know the alternatives.

You will learn how to evaluate the available light and how to position yourself and your sujbects to create great images - after all great street shots involve the interplay of light and shadow.\.

As well as leaving with a broad collection of images – you will have an extensive range of new skills and a much deeper understanding of the fundamentals that underpin street photography. You will specifically learn:

- How to identify the variables and dimensions of light.

- How to balance daylight and artificial light.

- The ins and outs of the equipment involved – e.g. cost effective solutions, home made alternatives.

- How to craft dramatic portraits using simple and inexpensive equipment.

- How to find or create beautiful light in ANY situation.


When, where and how much?

Dates: Sunday 22 June 10:00 to 18:00

Workshop Fee: $250

Experience level: All levels

Location: Downtown LA - exact location sent to confirmed students

Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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