Thank you for your interest in the Charity sale for 2022.

***UPDATE 23 October **

All bonuses have been emailed out to the email address used at

If you missed the email, please check your spam or get in touch.


I want to be 100% clear and up front so you know what to expect.

To qualify for the free bonus, you need to have used my link last. I suggest clicking via the link right before you purchase to make sure you don't accidentally use another link between mine and purchasing.

The reason for this is that I will only be sent the details of those people on 'my list'. If you didn't use my link last, I won't get your details and therefore I cannot send the bonus. 

Here is the link to use

The free bonus I am offering is the Kill Bill art nude bodypaint shoot - it is valued at $147.

It is not optional, redemable for cash or substitutable unless you already purchased the Kill Bill course. In that case, I will send you the Maleficient shoot instead - also valued at $147.

If you happen to own both of those courses, then you can choose a course at up to $147 in price. This is ONLY if you already own both of those courses.


I should get the list of confirmed buyers by the end of October. I will commence setting up the free courses immediately, and expect to have this completed by 6 November. Please wait until 6 November before chasing me for updates as there is a lot of admin involved in this kind of charity fundraiser. 

If you already own both courses and want to select your course, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please let me know your email address used at and used for the sale). 

Please check back to this page for updates.

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