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Plan, pack and prepare for your first Wedding Photography experience

This series is specifically designed to help you shoot your first few weddings. Whether your friends have asked you to shoot their wedding, or you are getting started shooting weddings commercially, this course will walk you through all the variables you need to consider, to have a successful wedding day shoot.

You will learn ....

  • What you need to pack and prepare ahead of the shoot day
  • What you need to do in the weeks leading up to the wedding
  • How to work with the bridal party for a smooth day
  • How to build rapport quickly and work with strangers
  • The 100 must-capture images
  • How to capture sharp group shots
  • How to find great light and backgrounds for portraits
  • Where to position yourself at the ceremony and reception to capture the critical moments
  • Creative solutions to common wedding shoot issues
cutting cake


Shooting a wedding for the first time can be daunting – there are so many variables to think about throughout the day. The most challenging part for a photographer is not knowing what to expect.

This series will run you through all the things you need to plan and prepare for ahead of time, and takes you along on a series of shoots to show you first hand what shots you need to capture and how to overcome common problems.

The course is structured to be a mix of theory and practical – talking you through general points that you want to consider for any wedding scenario, before taking you along on a full styled wedding day where you see how I shoot the day, overcome problems and work with the bridal party.


This series is designed to be a mix of theory and practice. We have set up an entire wedding, with venue, bridal party, guests, catering etc – so we can show you in real time the challenges, and then pause to talk through shoot options in each situation.


You don’t want to turn up for a long wedding day without having a gameplan in place. I walk you through all the preparation you need to take to be ready for the big day, from clarifying what the couple want, managing expectations, and avoiding stress at the busy parts of the day.

The month prior

Until you have shot several weddings, it’s impossible to know what steps you need to take before the wedding to make sure things go smoothly. I will run you through a variety of things that cover communicating with the couple, visiting the shoot locations, prepping gear and more.


Knowing what gear you will need in each part of the day, and how to use it to get the best outcomes is critical. I talk you through the theory, and show you in practice how I use the different equipment to get the desired images.

Shot list

One of the most stressful parts of starting to shoot weddings is not knowing what shots you need to get on the day, when they will arise, or what the best way to shoot each opportunity. I provide you with a shot list including over 100 must-capture shots, and give you guidance on expanding the list to cover off all the requirements of the couple.

Shooting the bridal party preparations

We take you along on a typical traditional wedding shoot – starting with the Bride and Groom getting ready for the day with their Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. This is an important opportunity to strike the right dynamic with the bridal party which will make the rest of your day easier. There are over 20 key shots to get, including story telling images and detail shots.

The wedding ceremony

This is the once in a lifetime moment the couple has been dreaming about – and it is often the most stressful part of the day. I walk you through what to expect, where to position yourself, what shots to get and what equipment is going to deliver results. There are some obvious MUST HAVE shots here, but there are other important story telling and reaction shots you don’t want to miss.

Group shots

For some people working out how to get a great shot of the guests is just as stressful as the ceremony itself. How do you find a good setting for the shots; what camera settings will get you the right image; what different group pairings do you need to get and how do you make sure you don’t miss anyone? We’ve got you covered.

Bridal party shots

Even couples who want a documentary or progressive style of photography end up wanting posed bridal party shots – and these (along with group guest shots) are the ones most likely to end up framed or in albums. I will show you how to get fun and playful, as well as traditional group shots, also tender couple portraits, and how to eliminate potentially distracting elements from your shots.

Shooting the reception

Now the party begins. Every reception presents different lighting and shooting challenges, and you still have several must get shots in this final session of the night, with speeches, first dance, cutting the cake, table decorations and more usually on the couples photo list.

Post processing workflow

You’re likely to end the day with hundreds or thousands of images. I walk you through my process to cull down the shots and save time in editing, as well as showing you options on how best to deliver the images to clients.




The only video series of its kind. Matt takes you through an entire wedding day shoot, giving invaluable tips and insight into what it is really like to photograph a wedding. His knowledge and expertise, combined with a light-hearted delivery, really make this series an enjoyable as well as educational experience. Highly recommended for any budding photographer feeling nervous about their first wedding shoot. Thank you, Matt!

Alon Barlev


As I watched this video series I realized that my wedding photography just went through the roof! Matt walks you through an entire wedding shoot - from planning to post-processing. He explains the rationale for every decision he makes so you know how to make these decisions for yourself. I learned a ton. This is hands down the best money I have ever spent on my photography business.

Paul Moore


Photography had just been a casual hobby of mine for years before I took several of Matt's online courses. This latest series taught me how to plan the shoot prior to the big day so that there are very few, if any, surprises. His approach in this series is so sensible and methodical, yet practical and easy to understand.
I definitely feel confident enough now to photograph a wedding solo.

Kevin Roland


This course was just what I needed. I am shooting a wedding in September and I was so nervous about messing up the ceremony! Matts course showed me all the shots I need to get, where I need to be at each point in the ceremony and what lenses will work best for each part of the day. Highly recommended.

Carmen Castañeda


Having watched Matt's Wedding Photography 101, I actually feel that I can competently serve a bride on her most important day! Until now, I really wanted nothing to do with such an important one-time event! The 100+ "must have" shot list is great, as are the other planning resources; and actually seeing him shoot a wedding, real time, and then re-shoot it while adding remarks to the camera, was a really useful way of offering this information. Plus, I feel that I can apply the approach and techniques to any event I may shoot in the future. Breathe easy!

Erik E Weaver


I am so happy to have purchased the wedding 101 series. I found it very informative and easy to follow and a great way to get some valuable insight if you are planning to get into wedding or event photography in the future, definitely worth the price, I would highly recommend the series, thanks Matt, another fantastic series.

Laith Stevens


When friends asked us if we would photograph their wedding, we know that we’re responsible for the result. And we only have one chance. Matt Granger has given us the lightness and confidence we need for this special day.
All of the important moments and the challenges they involve are part of this course. The course brings a lot of intelligent solutions for practical implementation in order to get the most out of every situation. The included checklists are also very helpful. A good mix of theory and practice guide us through the challenges of photography at a wedding.
Great work. Thanks, Matt!

Karin Holenstein


When I was asked to shoot my first wedding, I scoured YouTube for all the info I could find.  Matt’s Wedding Photography 101 is what I wish I could have had.  In clear steps, he walks you through the entire process and includes helpful materials like shot sheets and packing lists.  It clearly shows, even with the best planning, one has to roll with the day because things don’t always go as planned.  The tips on posing, lighting, and shooting individuals, couples, and groups are very helpful. This series is such a great reference for those just starting out and for those who want a reminder of all the tasks to keep a very stressful event fun and productive.

Keith Ervin


This is an amazingly comprehensive tutorial for anyone starting out in wedding, event, or even portrait photography. Everything from gear selection to pre-event preparation through post-production is covered. Checklists for logistics, gear, and shots are included and expanded on in the videos. Seasoned shooters will find great tips here, and new wedding/event photographers will find all they need to be ready for their first few shoots.

Dave Pruett



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  • Is going to shoot their first wedding
  • Wants to launch a wedding photography business
  • Isn’t sure what images they need to get at each point in the day
  • Wants guidance on working with the guests and bridal party
  • Needs advice on what equipment to use at each shooting opportunity
  • Struggles to find good backgrounds and scenes for portraits
  • Could use advice on where to be at each point of the ceremony to get the right vantage point
  • Wants tips on shooting group shots
  • Isn’t sure what they need to deliver to the couple
  • Wants to join a seasoned photographer on location to see how it is done

This hands on workshop includes

  • Almost 5 hours of 4K instruction, divided into 14 videos
  • A comprehensive shot list with over 100 ‘MUST GET’ images
  • Theory and practical – we talk you through all the key elements in studio then take you to a full styled wedding day to show you how we overcome issues and get the shots
  • Packing lists and planning document templates you can use to make sure you don’t forget anything
  • Tips on finding beautiful light, and using flash to create light in dark locations
  • Post processing workflow advice such as culling & editing your images, and how to deliver them to the couple

Matt Granger portrait


Matt is a portrait photographer and photography educator based in New York City. Matt is a passionate people person, and he specialises in Portraiture, Events & Travel.

Matt has shot countless weddings and events, and now teaches lighting and portraiture workshops around the world.

Matt’s YouTube channel has grown to be one of the largest independent photography channels internationally and has developed into a thriving online community of photography enthusiasts. The channel motto is Get Your Gear Out – which recognises that the best way to learn is to get out there and shoot, no matter what your level of experience is, or what equipment you use.


Can I download the video files to watch them offline on other devices?
Yes! You will get 14 individual .mp4 files (as well as several documents) to download. You can then save to your desktop and transfer them to any devices you like.
How do I get the files?
As soon as you pay via PayPal, you will be sent an email with instructions and a link to download your files.
Can I watch the videos more than once?
Yes! Once you have downloaded the files, you can re-watch them as many times as you like.
What level of student is this aimed at?
This course assumes you have a good understanding of how to use your camera, and goes beyond that to help with the specifics of shooting your first wedding. Whilst I do show you specific shooting tips, tricks and hacks related to shooting the different parts of a wedding day, it is not primarily a camera control course.
Is there a student discount available?
We do not offer a student discount - everyone is using the content to learn.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all sales. If you don't feel the course provided you with the information to prepare and execute your first wedding shoot, simply write to us.
How do I choose which resolution to download?
The course is available in 720, 1080 and 4K resolutions. 1080 will be enough for most people - but if you like to watch content on your large screen TV, the 4K may be a great option - just note the large file sizes. When you are ready, click on the resolution button you prefer and it will take you to check out.

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100% money back if you are not satisfied.

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