TOGLIFE - Episode 1 with Matt & Tina

Featured Tuesday, 08 December 2015 08:59

Welcome to #TOGLIFE! The new weekly photography show for Matt Granger & the team.

Each week we will have a different co-host on to discuss
- News of the Week
- TOG of the Week
- Photo of the Week
- Camera of the Week
- #ASKMATT Q&A and more!

To see how can get involved, visit

Photo of the week and #ASKMATT are all done week by week, so you need to get in touch with us in between shows!

Nikon D5:
8K video:
World Press Photo:
Buzzfeed Contouring:


Thanks to Tina Yong for co-hosting todays show. You can check out her awesome Make Up and beauty work at:

HUGE Thanks to our innaugural sponsor - Aputure:
You can see the light we gave away as a prize here:
And the two main lights we are using are:

FYI the tablet we are using is the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2:

This show wouldn't be possible without the help of the whole Matt Granger Photography team. Specifically, big thanks to:

Justin Beverstock - my assistant and friend who keeps me and the studio in a functioning state:

Dope Source Media - great Sydney based video production team, my buddy Kien consulted with us to get the set up to speed:

Mos Ortiz - my producer and hurricane of creative ideas and profanity... a friend who contributed amazing suggestions and almost single-handedly built the set:

Alex Conway - my new video intern who took the lead on editing this episode and did a great job for his first big gig with the team:

Also thanks to Kenny Wong for the motion graphics in the intro, and overlays through the video.

You can check out TOGLIFE mugs and T-shirts at

Ethics statement:

Official Website:
Google Plus:


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  • Comment Link Michele Smith Tuesday, 22 December 2015 21:01 posted by Michele Smith

    I really love this format! News, guests, photo of the week, Q&A and I especially appreciate all of the links you provided in the description. That is most helpful for things you mention that I want to learn more about. I also love history so I can't wait to see and hear the stories behind the cameras on the wall. Great job to you, Tina & all of those behind the scenes for your 1st TOGLIFE video!!!


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