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Hi Matt,
As always your work and presentations are outstanding. I really enjoy watching you working.
This latest episode I believe is rated as street photography with your own model?
Street Photography - is it dead?
I have had many images rejected by Getty and Adobe for legal reasons.
I took a street shot in Munich and uploaded it. Rejected; copyright issues for paintings made by a street artist that happened to be in the pic. Model release for the people in the picture. My God, there were 17 of them, all chinese tourists.
The crunch came as they also demanded a property release for all the buildings in the picture! It would have taken me half a year running around council offices to procure this - if they would issue this at all.

I am a photojournalist and in 2016 decided to try my hand at creative photography. Your courses and videos have been a great help.
Creative photography I find great fun and it is by no means dangerous compared to photo journalism.

I'm off now, don't want to bore you.
Regards, Des from Munich