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Hi Matt

First off I really love your courses and youtube I have learnt so much and has greatly increased the quality of my photos :)

Anyway my question is about dividers (not the padded velcro dividers but the TrekPak ones) vs the pluk n pik foam for pelican cases. I actually have both as the case came with the foam but now I'm second guessing myself. I have seen a lot of comments online about the foam disintegrating over years and also the trekpak being tidyer and easier if you change gear and obviously taking up much less space. Neither of which really concern me as my gear will be the same for a long time as using a Canon 5DIV and L lenses. I am more concerned about protecting the gear for airplane travel. I will be taking as carryon where possible but if I were to have to check it in then which will protect the best? I am thinking the TrekPak but wondering if it is better to use the foam to absorb any vibrations?

Also with the regulations about spare Lithium batteries, I read that you need to protect against them short circuting and to use electrical isolating tape over the terminals. I am concerned about the residue building up over time and damaging the battery/camera. Are there any better solutions you have?