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I recently watched you latest “Ask me anything” video and I want to start off by saying it is a shame some of the questions asked. I think you run a first class site, and I don’t know what makes people question your looks or your relationship with Tina. I hope for you that you never feel obligated to defend yourself towards them again.

Anyhow onto my question. I am rather new to photography just about four years now. I am pretty much self taught by watching your videos and others, and a lot of trial and error. But I now I want to progress more on a business than just as a hobby as it has been. The issue I have is that I currently work full time in order to support my family. I want to specialize in Boudoir Photography. So finally the question. Do you feel it would be best for me to try to find someone locally that will take me under their wing, or do you believe that it is capable for me to succeed the way I have been going?