Catching up with Tina Yong in Singapore - VLOG

Featured Wednesday, 18 April 2018 12:02

24 hours of photo shoots, eating and hanging out with Tina in Singapore!

To celebrate FINALLY catching up with Tina, I have put the ebook versions of both my first book Private Bodies, and second Public Bodies up at half price for the next week.

I am also putting up the two complete downloadable video series I made with Tina up on sale! Take Control of The Light is an interactive course teaching you how to see and work with the light, and I do it by teaching Tina and having her do the same exercises I ask you to do!

Educating Tina Directors Cut is two series of challenges I gave Tina to try difference genres of Photography. It is really fun and has had a great response.

Both courses are RRP$99, but are up for $64.50 each on the links above, or if you click HERE, there is an exclusive where you can get BOTH courses for $99 total - buy one get one free :)

Check out Tina's awesome channel:
Check out Joann on Bigo: @joannchen
And Joann YouTube:
Check out my previous book with Joann:
Check out my 2019 Laos tour!

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