Natural & Available Light Masterclass



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(Download includes 35 video files & PDF doc. 4k Files are 48gb in total, 1080 are 5.6gb)


This Course is For You If…

  • You want to master Natural and available light.
  • Want to travel light and minimize the equipment you carry.
  • You want to get predictable and repeatable results, no matter the lighting conditions.

Course Overview

The 5 hour long masterclass is split into 4 broad segments. Introduction, Outdoors, Indoors and Low Light.

1. Introduction

The introductory consists of 7 episodes. They introduce you to the key variables of light as well as all of the accessories and modifiers we use throughout the course. A PDF guide is also included that runs you through the light modifiers.

2. Outdoor

These 14 episodes run you through a huge variety of scenarios that will prepare you to create great results in any natural light situation. 

We shoot headshots in direct sunlight, showing you how to assess angles and backgrounds, and how to make the best shots possible without modifying the light. Then we run you through a series of options to diffuse, reflect and augment the hard light for dramatic results. 

We also show you full body shots, how to create improvised reflectors as well as shooting on cloudy days, dappled light, how to create 'cookies' as well as shooting at sunset.

We wrap this with a 2 part segment embracind hard light - showing you how to create fantastic images that take advantage of the harsh daylight sun. 

3. Indoor

Next we head inside, and add in the variable of 'available' light sources. We are no longer limited to the sun (and its reflected forms), we now have a never ending variety of indoor light sources to consider. These vary greatly in terms of color, size, shape and power output. 

An obvious place to start is window light portraits - but that is the tip of the iceberg. We show you the different zones of light you may be working with, when the window is directly lit by the sun, and we walk you through working in mixed light environments, looking at the key issue of white balance and color of light.

We show you how to create dramatic pools of light, how to balance indoor and outdoor light sources and then we Embrace the soft light with a series of shoots that take advantage of the available lights within a home.

4. Low Light

Whether indoors or out - natural or man made available light - shooting in low light situations adds an extra layer of complexity to your shoot. 

I run you through techniques to salvage usable sharp shots, and take you along on a candle lit photoshoot.

We also take you on a Blue Hour photoshoot, showing you how to find pools of light and how to balance your subjects key light with the city or street lights in the background to create beautiful cinematic images.

4K ULTRA     1080 HD

Imagine You Could…
  • Walk into any scene and instantly evaluate the light sources and the results you will get.
  • Modify any light source to get the results you wanted
  • Create images that look carefully lit, using only the available light and simple modifiers.



icehead“At its best, Natural and available light can be beautiful and give you precisely the results you want – but just as often it is not giving you what you require. I created this course to show you how to get the results you want, no matter what the available light is providing.” Matt Granger




4K ULTRA     1080 HD

(Download includes 35 video files & PDF doc. 4k Files are 50gb in total, 1080 are 5.6gb)