London - Take Control of the Light Workshop

Friday evening 3 October to Sunday 5 October.
Friday 18:00-21:00, Saturday & Sunday 10:00-18:00.


Have you ever confronted a difficult lighting situation you couldn’t overcome?

Do you want to learn how light works and how to use it to create unique images?

Do you want to become more confident interacting with and directing models?

Do you want to meet other passionate local photographers and models?


Workshop Overview

This workshop is designed for photographers who want to learn to take control of the light and create images with confidence, regardless of your experience.    The workshop is a mix of instruction, demonstration and intensive hands on learning. You will spend a lot of the time undertaking specific challenges.

The program makes use of off camera flash techniques but the principles are applicable to ALL forms of photography (e.g. macro, landscape). You will learn how to shape, control, restrict and design with light and this will set you on the fast track to developing your photographic style.

We have several models attending the workshop so students will have the opportunity to shoot with several different subjects, while mastering different techniques. 


What you will get out of this workshop?

After attending this workshop you will overcome any hesitation in using flash and will be comfortable stepping into manual mode when the situation demands it. You will understand how light works and how you can manipulate it to achieve the particular look you have in mind.

You will learn how to mix light sources, use basic equipment to achieve advanced results, face difficult photographic situations with confidence and build up a new set of techniques.

As well as leaving with a broad collection of images of the models – you will have an extensive range of new skills and a much deeper understanding of the fundamentals that underpin all photography. You will specifically learn:

- All the variables and dimensions of lighting - this applies all forms of light (e.g. strobes, studio light, available light.

- How to balance daylight and artificial light - in terms of intensity and colour.

- The ins and outs of the equipment involved – e.g. cost effective solutions, home made alternatives.

- How to craft dramatic portraits using simple and inexpensive equipment.

- How to create beautiful and flattering light in ANY situation.

- How to troubleshoot and overcome difficult situations to get the image and save the day.

Without even trying you will walk away confident and certain of the manual settings of your camera - ready to go off auto mode when the situation demands it.


When, where and how much?

Dates: 3 October (Friday 18:00-21:00) to Sunday 5 October (Sat/Sun 10:00-18:00), 2014

Workshop Fee: USD$795

Experience level: All levels

Included: Lighting equipment, models, lunch.  (Not Included - transport & accomodation)

Location: Central lcoation - exact location sent to confirmed students

Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Terms & conditions FAQs - See here.



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How the workshop runs