The best Phone Cases - TESTED

Featured Tuesday, 26 December 2017 23:40


Check out these items at Amazon

My Favorite:
G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. with decent protection. Unique and beautifully crafted, check them out. Check out these items at Amazon

Considering the build and drop protection, the styling and profile are very good.

Want a simple, transparent case? This is a great option.

Carved Cases:
9/10 – Gorgeous. It gives good scratch and drop protection but if you were extremely unlucky and managed to drop it on the one tiny angle that is exposed, you could hit the edge of the phone with this design

OtterBox Pursuit:
8.5+/10 There is a small chance the fit was my own issue – but I doubt it, we were really careful. Even with that – I am confident this is scratch resistant and offers excellent drop protection. Worth a look.

Encased –
6.5/10 – decent build, scratch protection, low drop protection, nice styling.

NOMAD Leather cases –
8.5+/10 I have used these more since I made the video – and the rugged is coming together nicely. The leather is good quality and I think they will age well.

8.5/10 Best of the clear cases, scratch protection medium to high drop protection.

Sahara Case:
8+/10 - Interesting concept – it comes with a screen protector, and is a decent quality. I think they will give total scratch protection and medium drop protection.

Spigen Rugged:
8/10 - Good drop protection, full scratch, and decent styling.

Moshi Vesta:
7.5/10, a quality case. I think it is a great option but factoring in the price, I think there are better options.

Spigen Hybrid:
7/10 – go for the rugged above.

6.5/10 - For me, the design is not great. It has a dual layer design, for slightly better drop protection.

Moshi iGlaze:
6/10 – marked down due to the styling, but in retrospect I think that was a harsh score, I would revise it up to 6.75 as it is a well built case.

MX Studio:
6/10 - Surprisingly decently styling, but I feel the plastic won’t have a great life.

Anker Karapax:
6/10 - Slipery, decent styling and packaging, but given the range out there,

6/10 – Average build, scratch protection, They say has drop protection, I am not sold.

Feng Niao:
6/10 – flimsy build, scratch protection, no drop protection, decent styling.

Icase X Carbon fibre crap:
4/10 - Cheap, and feels even cheaper.


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