Flash Trigger Range Test

Featured Wednesday, 13 September 2017 14:38

3 options - vastly different costs - with surprising results!


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  • Comment Link Pubilius Wednesday, 13 September 2017 19:27 posted by Pubilius

    The studio misfires are unacceptable. The level of interference is tiny. no good reason for a misfire. And how often is a portrait guy going to be a block away from his flashes? Misfires are the biggest deal here, not distance. Well, distances within several feet.

    On location, too many factors present. Using a single location is not a valid trial, especially in NYC. Way too many people using all sorts of electronics. How do you know if during the pocketwizard trial, someone did not turn on something that caused the interference? You have to try this experiment in multiple locations. I would also recommend firing them together or one after the other from each distance. Too much time involved between the great distances to know if it is the trigger of something else that has changed.

    I, too, am invested in PW. I have a couple of other triggers (Cactus and Cowboy studio) for using at various workshops. I've not found any better than the PW. For wildlife, I use them at great distances, and even hidden. Still work great for me.

  • Comment Link Pubilius Wednesday, 13 September 2017 19:38 posted by Pubilius

    The way I look at the price is my time is valuable. The model's time is valuable. If 1-2 misfires occur for every 10, that a 10-20% misfire rate. Let's say I've booked a model for $200 for a session. That's $10-20 wasted. Ten models, and I've out $100-200 bucks.

    In reality it is even more. Just like you demonstrated, when the trigger does not fire, you waste time trying to figure why it is not firing. You change things, and all of that is more time, meaning more wasted money.

    I want my wasted frames to be my mistakes, not the equipment.

    If you are shooting a couple of times a year, who cares. If you shoot each week or even each weekend, you ought to care.

  • Comment Link John Sullivan Wednesday, 13 September 2017 22:14 posted by John Sullivan

    I use a (manual and TTL) Pixel King Pro transceiver and three Pixel King X receivers and find they work really well. I use them with Nikon SB700, SB910 and a low budget Newar speedlight. I also use a Pixel X800 speedlight which has a built in receiver. Pixel King aren't the cheapest around but not expensive either and I find they work very well with great control from the King Pro transceiver. Cheers

  • Comment Link Michael Miller Wednesday, 13 September 2017 22:42 posted by Michael Miller

    I have some sticky times with PW TT5's, where I had to shut them down m in a particular order, and set them in a particular order.

    I have recently used the Oden II transmitter and receivers and they worked right out of the box. And, it's easier to change power over the TT5.

  • Comment Link Philip OHagan Thursday, 14 September 2017 14:07 posted by Philip OHagan

    Your choice of triggers, to me as an American amateur, seems a little strange. I have never seen Wansen used or reviewed in the United States. Nor have I ever seen the Viltrox brand. The most common triggers that I have seen and used are Yongnuo and Cactus. For years, I have used Yongnuo 622s and the Yongnuo 622 TX on my Nikons with great success. Presently, I am using Yongnuo 605N II on my Sony a6000. They are completely manual and work well. The next most popular brands that I see people using are Cactus, Neewer and Cowboy Studio. These are all fairly inexpensive and readily available.
    I look forward to seeing you test these in the future.

  • Comment Link Rajeev Chellath Saturday, 16 September 2017 13:01 posted by Rajeev Chellath

    I go with Mr. Philip OHagan. I have yongnuo RF603N II, which work quite good with my Nikon. I bought this from Amazon. I don't remember the price but it gives a very good range (distance).


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