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Hi Matt - I could clearly recognize the 50mm in the video as it is - to my view - less sharp in the middle than the other one. Actually I owned but returned my 50mm 1,4 to my dealer because I was very disappointed with the performance at f1,4! I used it for a available light hotel room shooting at open aperture and found that the middele area was not relly sharp as expected. I was getting a kind of washy and soft pictures which I didn't like.
I returned it and changed to a 35mm 1,8 which is really great and for the 50mm focal length I still use my old 1,4 D lens, which is slower in AF but sharper in the middle with open aperture (but unfortunately with more CA's as the only disadvantage... ).
Actually I wouldn't buy the 58 mm1,4 as it is way too much money .... I'd rather would spend this money to the new 135mm f1,4 once available ... (all lenses used with the D810 and D750 ...)
Krgds JED