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Great review as always...
I have a request and some questions...
Could you please review the Nikon 16-80mm f2.8-4 lens. This lens goes with the D500 kit.
I am in the market for a quality multi-purpose, walk-around, zoom that would probably spend 90% of the time on my camera.
I was pretty much determined to buy the 16-80mm, then, after many glowing reviews, I have encountered a VERY negative one :

This guy claims that this lens does NOT have a TRUE Silent Wave Motor despite its AF-S designation... He says that instead it has a slow focusing, noisy motor with PLASTIC gears.
I would like someone trustworthy to confirm if that is true or not?
Wouldn't want plastic gears to break a nave a useless lens... would like it to last a few years...
Is this lens worth the premium $$$ it is selling for?
Thank you