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where were you shooting that you would have been restricted from shooting a public sports event where there may have been someone under the age of 18?.... that's absurd to even have that questioned... Yes, keeping it friendly is preferred... and as a 65 yo male I do get some questionable "looks"... but I'm a photographer... you are "supposed" to be innocent until proven guilty of a crime... lol... and my god... you were shooting MEN... it's not like you were shooting an 8 yo girls soccer match... and that would not be illegal either... we at least in the USA... Yes, pick your battles to get the results you want... BUT, if a stranger challenges you... ask them to identify themselves, why they are questioning you and why they feel you may be doing something inappropriate or illegal... depending on their answer... which could be hostile to start with... like: "I don't like it and I think you are doing something you shouldn't be doing"... you take out your cell phone... dial 911... and report you are a photographer, in a public setting, and being confronted by a potentially hostile stranger... then ask him/her if they would like to explain to the police what they believe you are doing wrong... that should be the end of the discussion OR you can then request assistance at that time if they seem to be belligerent or aggressive.