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My professional experience with Sony in Switzerland is perhaps similar to Matt's. Sony Switzerland does not repair the A7 series photographic products they sell. They farm it out to a service partner who initially estimates an extortionate price (approximating the retail price) for repair, irrespective of the defect involved. They then offer to change your camera or lens for a replacement which is not new, has no service history and essentially voids Sony's garantee commitments and the customers legal right of ownership.

I have sent two FE lenses via the photographic shop where I bought them to Sony Switzerland for repair. The first lens (sent last year) was simply replaced after three weeks waiting with a refurbished lens with a different serial number loosely stuck on the lens barrel and a large bill, without detailing what was wrong with my lens. I did not accept this and the shop replaced it themselves with a demo lens. The second lens was sent this year to Sony and I was informed via the shop three weeks later the repair would cost almost the same as the recommended retail price. I asked for a cost and item breakdown of what was involved with the repair and was told this would take ten days to prepare. After another two weeks without hearing anything the shop was told Sony could not repair my lens and the shop again offered to replace it new for an administrative fee. Sony then stated that I (my company) could apply for membership of their professional support programme in Switzerland. Unfortunately the website application form stated clearly that one has to be a resident of Germany. When the Swiss Sony Representive was informed of his error he stated that the Sony service provider is currently training two technicians in France to handle repairs for the Swiss market.

I can only praise the shop where I purchase my photographic equipment for outstanding customer service. Although the Sony A7 products are terrific innovations Sony negates their use by providing in this market an absolutely abysmal customer engagement/service.