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Hey Matt; similar issue with a Lumix LX100 here in the UK. First one had a hair or fibre on the sensor - this is a non-interchangeable model. Took it in to the store and it went off to Panasonic's appointed repairers. Came back after about 2-3 weeks with new spots on the sensor. Went back in, came back and they were gone but there was a new one; it was very small and only noticeable if shooting large expanses of blue sky with a small aperture. Eventually the scroll wheel on the back failed so i took it in for the sensor problem, the scroll wheel and also an issue with the rear LCD. Third time in now within the one year warranty period. After about a month's to-ing and fro-ing the store finally managed to persuade Panasonic to give me a new one. (Which I then dropped in the street the first time I used it; fortunately scratched but otherwise undamaged.)