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Well done, Matt. I was with Sony several years ago and waited for them to upgrade their professional grade gear the whole time many other professionals that used Sony were doing the same and we were writing and almost begging Sony to introduce more professional quality gear.
I ultimately switched to Canon due to issues that you state and others.
Loved the Minolta/Sony glass, always will, but at the time Sony just had no interest in
keeping those of us that had bought, heavily into Sony gear.
I fear this is a pattern with Sony as they just don't have the experience of keeping and maintaining professional clientele that really depend on Gear and Service.
I was skeptical and hopeful when Sony had purchased the Photography Section of Minolta. I and others that had Minolta gear
were hoping that Sony had the fore sight to keep and cultivate the experienced Minolta crew to guide and grow Sony.
It has been a slow and painful process that not all of us were willing to maintain, so Matt, and others that are going through this, I feel your pain.
It's tough to really appreciate and find gear that works for the most part only to have to move on for various reasons.
Good for you for putting yourself out there and giving good information and personal experience to people that could really use it.
Thanks again for you candor.