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I have been a Nikon shooter for many years. I have experimented with Leica, Olympus, Fujifilm, and have settled on Sony A7R and A7Rii for my travel cameras. The image quality is every bit as good as my D800E in a much smaller package. I recently had an issue with my less than 6 month old A7Rii. The anti reflective coating on the back screen started to degrade. This was under a screen protector so I am not really sure how this happened. In the US, I sent the camera to Precision Camera Repair in Connecticut. They checked the camera in almost immediately. When the camera went to repair department a "Delay" message appeared in the camera's status. After about a week I contacted them. They told me the repair would be approximately $520. This is just to replace the outer cover on the back screen. There was nothing actually wrong with the camera other than the AR coating scratches. I authorized them to do the repair despite the excessive cost. Another 2 weeks went by and the status was still "Delayed". During this time I called them and emailed them almost daily. They did not answer the phone or return my emails. Finally after about two weeks of this, I got through and they claimed my credit card was denied. We straightened this out which took another day or two. To their credit, they did an amazing job repairing the camera. They completely cleaned and recalibrated the camera. They packed up the camera and returned it to me overnight as I paid the up charge. Their packaging was the absolute best I have ever seen. Personally, I think I was charged too much for this repair. Had they done it in a more timely manner and responded to my phone calls and emails, I would have been happy to pay the charge.

I will probably apply for the Pro Service from Sony. As an eye surgeon, I do not make my living as a photographer, but I have better and more equipment than most pro photographers. I am very serious about my photography. By Nikon's Pro definition, I would not qualify even though I have the quantity of equipment required. I have no issues with paying extra for first class service, my time is my most valuable asset.