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As a pro with over 40 years experience, I tend to take issue with what does and doesn't constitute pro gear. I happen to have very small hands for a 6 ft man, so tend to choose smaller camera bodies, which do NOT necessarily come under the description of 'pro'. I shoot RAW all the time, so this isn't a particular problem for me. Also, as I don't tend to work in war zones or particularly adverse conditions, I don't need a lot of what the top of the range pro gear offers. Strangely enough, the only kit I've needed to have serviced due to faults have been lenses, both Nikon and Canon, which I've had fixed in London by Fixation, who are brilliant, and have a very quick turn around. Also they offer the advantage of just being able to walk in off the street, and will service ANY Nikon or Canon kit without question, irrespective of whether it carries a pro tag or not. They will also perform sensor cleaning on any make of camera.