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The video is misleading. Matt shows us four 4TB seagate drives he's going to install. He doesn't show us any additional. When we see the front of his NAS, we see all 8 LED's flashing, indicating there are 8 devices in the drive bays. He mentions nothing of an SSD cache, but with the speeds he's claiming to get, I suspect he does have 4 SSD drives installed to achieve that. Why do I believe this?

I have this NAS connected via thunderbolt (2) as well. I have 1TB SSD cache in bays 1 & 2, and six 4TB drives in the remaining bays set up in raid 6 (as Matt claims his is) and the best speeds I've been able to get with black magic benchmark is 324 MB/s write and OCCASIONALLY 900+ MB/s on the read, but typically in the mid 700's for read. I've varied every possible configuration to try to get higher numbers, but failed. Even raid 10 isn't getting me an improvement. Now for a more practical test, when transferring large files to the NAS, I'm averaging 85 MB/s according to the NAS's own thunderbolt bandwidth graph.

To be honest, it's a nice NAS with nice features and the thunderbolt card is a plus, but I'm not overly impressed with the performance given the price tag. There are other products out there that can out perform this one in regards to thunderbolt.

(Matt, please fill us in on the full setup including your black magic setting, and whether or not you're using SSD cache and those settings, otherwise your benchmark screenshot is not of much use. I'd love to know if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not getting anywhere near the numbers you are)