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Hello Matt. Nice to see you back to full strength.

Good and interesting piece. Can't see why anyone would get worked up about it though. Personally I stick with dSLR and not even recent stuff either; I have a D300s and a D700 (albeit with the best Nikon glass). I do have a mirrorless of sorts; an LX100 which is ace for street photog and for sheer convenience if I don't really need the big boys in my ongoing quest to shoot something every day. That suits my needs nicely (together with an old Pentax ME Super with film in it, again for fun street work).

Personally, and disregarding my investment in Nikon lenses, when a Sony A7II costs north of £1500 with the kit lens I think I'd plump for a D3300 or D5500 and put the saving on the body towards the glass.