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For me these cameras, whilst impressive in their own right, represent a nothing step for Canon.

Compared to the D810 or Sony equivalents: worse video, worse DR, worse colour depth (?), worse ISO performance, worse optimal IQ (per pixel). More expensive. And unless you're going to spend £1,000s on Zeiss glass, you're at best going to see a modest percentage increase in resolution in the real world over a D810, using the same lens.

Matt if you do review this, it would be good to show people the real world limitations of glass at these modern resolutions, the impact of diffraction, and to give a practical view on the investment in gear and technique truly required to get the most out of a 50mp sensor.

D810 v 5Dr with zeiss Otus 85mm & Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 would be interesting if you could get them in different mounts : ) Both bodies are billed as studio and landscape specialists.

It is an indicator of where the market's going though - looking at DXOMark I just think the sensors are out-resolving all but the very best glass now, and there's some huge catching up to do in lens technology. There isn't an AF lens available I don't think that can fully resolve the D810 sensor, for example; closest I think being the £4k 200mm f/2.