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*5 hours of full HD video, total file size 3.2gb, split into individual files for easy download.  Terms & conditions

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Turn your passion into a business and start making money from your photography

Whether you are considering occasional casual work, wanting to go full time, or wanting to grow your established business, this series will take you through all the steps needed, providing you with the tools and strategies to succeed. As well as sharing advice to avoid common pitfalls, Matt provides a suite of contracts, documents and planning forms to help you establish your goals and formulate strategies to achieve them.

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  • How to know you are ready
  • The reality of the business and what it takes to succeed
  • How to analyse the market and identify opportunities
  • How to plan and set goals that are meaningful and achievable
  • Strategies for time management to deliver on your goals
  • How to differentiate yourself and your services
  • How to promote your business and stand out from the crowd
  • How to price and package your services
  • Budgeting, gear buying advice and cost management strategies
  • All those boring but important aspects like insurance, liability & OHS
  • How to grow and develop your established business

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Learn what it takes to develop a successful business

This series is designed in 10 sections that provide you with practical advice as well as tools and models for you to apply to your own situation.


What are the realities of the industry and how do I know if it is right for me? Do I need formal education or to become an assistant? Best ways to commence.


How to analyse yourself and the market to identify opportunities for success business. How to develop plans and goals that will guide your first steps into the business of photography.


How and where to find clients? What works best for YOUR situation? Developing a portfolio that leads to the ‘right’ kind of work. Tips for successful self-promotion.


How to develop a pricing strategy that leads to bookings, improved revenue and profits, and importantly delivers on your longer term goals.

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*5 hours of full HD video, total file size 3.2gb, split into individual files for easy download.

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What are the areas that require big spending and where to find savings. How to develop a gear plan and ensuring you have the right tools for the job.


Should you be selling prints? How to get published in magazines? How to bundle your services into attractive packages that customers will value.


Insurance and public liability, OHS and legal advice. Wake up! This stuff is dry but needs attention.


What are personal vs business costs and income? How to keep records that keep the tax man off your back.


Managing your weaknesses and identifying new opportunities. When to hire staff and revising your plans & strategies. How to maintain your passion and creativity, handle complaints and managing off season slow times.




What I really like is that it feels like we’re having a conversation, and that Matt offers real information. This is the same reason I enjoyed your TCOTL workshop in LA. There’s no BS blahdeblah and words to fill up space. It’s all great information delivered in a conversational mentor type way.

- Tisha, California


As the CEO of a manufacturing company I found myself confronted with basic but essential questions that apply to anyone running a business. This guide leads you through all the challenges and offers solutions on how to face them – and it doesn’t just apply to photography, it applies to anyone who wants to go into business for themselves.

- Dan, Germany


I found the practical advice on transitioning to a small business really useful. Receiving that type of advice from someone who has been through the process is good to keep people realistic about how to deal with the change without being a deterrent.

- Anthony, Sydney


Starting your own business and being your own boss is maybe one of the hardest tasks a human being could have to solve. When I think about what to do in order to achieve this goal I didn´t even know where to start. If there´s someone how helps you or something like a guided roadmap you´re lucky. Matt created a very informative guide which leads you through the starting process of creating your own business and it´ll always be a very interesting thing to watch again and again, i.e. your goals changed. When I started to watch this series of videos I discovered that there are many more questions and things to be thought about then I expected in the first place. If you´re about to start your own business it could be crucial to have a helping hand - try out this video guide.

- Tobi

Doug,  Philadelphia USA

Matt Granger has produced a comprehensive step by step video guide of the various aspects and caveats that are often not considered by the new photographer. This series helps answer many of the practical questions that would have taken many months or years even in the business to figure out, and helps the photographer take the first steps in creating their own photography business. - a huge help, even for people that are already in the business.

- Alf, Japan

Janos, UK

While so many other tutorials claim to provide you "magic formulas" for business success, Matt manages to lay out all the steps in a realistic, no gimmicks but completely doable way. If you are thinking of starting a photo business, or are struggling with getting one off the ground, this guide is a comprehensive way of analyzing what you need to do, and instructions on how to do it.

- Mauricio, Green Square

Janos, UK

I started taking photos for fun two years ago and have recently realised I can capture something special in people. With people wanting to pay me for my work I was struggling with confidence issues and feeling that I may not be good enough. Matt has helped me see what I need to do to get to the next level.

- Natasha, London


  • Dreams of quitting their day job to pursue their passion
  • Wants to start selling work to pay for their gear
  • Has started a business but is not sure where to go next
  • Isn’t sure how to promote themself to stand out from the pack
  • Wants advice on setting goals and strategies
  • Wants to design a satisfying lifestyle and career
  • Is not sure if they have what it takes
  • Wants to set prices and packages that appeal to their customers

This interactive workshop includes:


  • 5 hours of full HD instruction, divided into 10 easily to follow chapters.
  • More than 15 planning aids such as sample contracts,image waivers, investment schedules and time management tools.
  • 10 units walking you through the strategies and models that work and personal advice based on Matt’s own experience
  • Specific tips to help you set meaningful goals, manage your time and maintain your passion, whilst building a successful photography business.
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Matt is a portrait photographer and photography educator based in Sydney, Australia. Matt is a passionate people person, and he specialises in Portraiture.

Matt teaches lighting and portraiture workshops around the world. The Take Control of The Light workshop is his flagship and has been refined over dozens of international workshops.

In 2011 Matt established a YouTube channel to present photography tutorials and gear reviews. This has grown to be one of the largest independent photography channels internationally and has developed into a thriving online community of photography enthusiasts. The channel motto is Get Your Gear Out – which recognises that the best way to learn is to get out there and shoot, no matter your equipment or level of experience.

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This program is designed to help you achieve results. 100% money back if you are not satisfied.

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USD$199 - SALE $117


*5 hours of full HD video, total file size 3.2gb, split into individual files for easy download.

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