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Hi Matt,

Are all Otus the images not a bit over exposed compared with the Batis images? Perhaps you used the same shutter speed and ISO for both lenses, but the Otus letting more light through? To me it seem there is less (micro) contrast on the Otus images than the Batis, and the highlights having too little detail on the Otus compared on the Batis. The result is, that the the Otus images seems a bit flat to me, and the Batis having more 3D pop. From the images, I would prefer the Batis for this reason, although the Otus has a smoother bokeh and perhaps more sharp. However, having tried the Otus on a A7R II, I found the Otus outstanding also with micro contrast - so I speculate that the Otus is actually better than your images show. Or how do you see it?