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Hi Matt,

All of my stuff was stolen since 3 days ago. I'll need to rebuild my stuff and I'm looking between A7Rii or D810.
Coming from Nikon with a D800e for the last one I bought, I like solidity of this stuff but really heavy and... I shake a lot.

Living in Canada I've a huge winter but cold -35*c + - and + 35c in the summer, the solidity of the stuff is important.

So I see you always shoot with your Nikon stuff. but with a a7r and now a7rii too.

I do some portrait, fashion and setup photography, landscape/ architectural when I travel.

What do you think for the solidity and use I have between sony and Nikon ?

if nikon does same of sony I don't ask about this question but, nikon don't really give new stuff or new branding soul :/