Intimate Portraiture Video Series

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Intimate Nude Portraiture - Video Series

Have you ever wanted to get into nude portraiture but not known how to get started?

Want to create artistic nude images but not sure how?



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This video series demonstrates the techniques and tricks I have developed as a professional nude portrait photographer. I run through a comprehensive introduction that outlines getting started, styles of Intimate Portraiture; finding and working with models; waivers & a general overview.

We then take you through a series of 5 real life nude portrait shoots. Intimate Portraiture is a diverse and challenging form of photography. The photoshoots and models have been specifically designed to cover a variety of lighting situations, body types, styles of portraiture as well as using a range of equipment and techniques.


Shooting in a hotel is a common choice for beginners as it provides a private space which often contains useful deisgn features. The cramped space and mixed lighting can be challenging – in this shoot I work through these issues, showing how you can create a range of images using available light, small speedlight flashes, and continuous lights. 

We shoot in the bed, window frame, lounge as well as in the shower and bath tub. I run through a series of poses that are great for first time models, as well as more advanced and revealing poses.

inhotel1  inhotel2


Shooting outdoors in a public place presents unique challenges and opportunities. In this sunrise shoot we had a male and female model, what we shot individually and as a couple. As well as demonstrating poses and lighting techniques to deal with the rapidly changing light conditions, I talk through the best way to scout locations & shoot publicly to minimise disruptions and interruptions. In this shoot we use available light, reflections, speedlights and a variety of modifiers including softboxes.

inbeach1     inbeach2


Shooting at home can be a great as it is a comfortable and familiar location for the subject. However it can also be cramped and difficult to find pleasing backgrounds for your images. Here I run through a variety of poses and locations to shoot, demonstrating how to balance indoor and outdoor lighting, how to make high key images easily, and how you can reveal and conceal using posing and lighting.

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In this comprehenisve hour long segment we run through several techniques to create dynamic images using simple equipment. We use speedlights, studio strobes, black and white backgrounds & a range of modifiers. You will learn flattering poses to hide problem areas and dynamic poses that yield fantastic results. We also demonstrate the use of baby oil and water beads to add texture and depth to the images.


instudio1      instudio2



In our final hour long segment, we head to a forrest to create some beautiful Intimate Portraits in nature. This shoot took place during harsh afternoon sun, giving us the opportunity to show light softening and modifying techniques. Here we augment, overpower, soften and fill in the available light to get the amount of shadowing desired. We also talk through posing, angles and finding backgrounds that will yield beautiful results.

inforrest1        inforrest2



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"I highly recommend watching Matt's new series, which I've been fortunate enough to preview.  Not only does Matt go into the practical aspects of the photo shoots, including site selection, posing, and natural and artificial lighting (techniques usable in any sort of photography), but he also goes into nude photography's particularities. Matt's instruction is very clear, easy to follow, and eminently practical.  The videos are in no way prurient, but rather quite reverential of the human form, and the models' dignity, which itself is a lesson we can all take to heart."  Jonathan - USA.

"I highly recommend for anyone interested in learning more about portrait photography. The videos are jam-packed with practical hints, tips as well as plenty of sample photographs. it was easy to follow and after watching it really motivated me to 'get my gear out'! Thanks Matt Granger." Elizabeth - Australia

"As photography is a creative process and there are no right or wrongs, it´s always nice to have someone teaching the basics for every craft you are doing.
But these videos aren´t just about the basic settings and gear - there´s more! Matt talks about getting to know your model, how to pose them in a nice flattering way and see the light beforehand - it´s such a great reminder that not only the gears is responsible for the outcome.
Furthermore the way Matt interacts with his audience is a special one - a lot of great tips, a little bit of tech talk and a lot of humor while retaining the required seriousness." Tobias - Germany

"I have been interested in nude portraiture for a long time but I wasn't comfortable to try it. I didn't know how to approach a model, or confident I would be able to direct them to find flattering poses. After watching the first photoshoot in the hotel, I already found loads of tips for getting started. I also really loved the beach shoot, as dealing with hard outdoor sunlight, and posing couples has always been difficult for me.

After watching the full series I am confident I can set up a shoot and run through a bunch of different poses and lighting set ups." Andrew - Australia.



Giveaway terms & conditions: Competition is open to anyone who purchases any item from between November 22 and December 25. Winners will be chosen randomly - with a selection of prizes going to people who have purchased via the website, and some who are following on social media etc. Hair and make up sessions valid in Sydney Australia only, and workshop place limited to workshops scheduled for 2014 – you may  transfer the prize to a friend, but it cannot be exchanged for another prize or redeemed for cash.


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    Hey Matt, just reviewing your videos. Item 497-intimate portraiture-video-series ...

    Spelling mistake .... Forrest should be Forest... It is there a couple of times...Perhaps this is stylistic, or perhaps just completely missed. One is a name, the other is a place with lots of trees etc. Not trying to be an asshat, just thought you might want to clear that up online.. Enjoy your stuff, thanks for posting it. I hope that I am learning from it. Continue to heal!


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