Flash or wireless trigger system for Sony A7
  • Hi all

    I have just purchased the new Sony A7, I have switched brand from nikon DSLR.
    Can anyone recommend a 3rd party flash or radio triggers so that I may use my nikon sb700 i full manual mode?
    Have been emailing with sony, who says that the hotshoe is a standard shoe with sony  Multi-interface shoe underneath
    , so it should be possible to use a manual flag or triggers. 
    But what to buy??

    Please help and thanks
  • I'm looking for exactly the same! I want to use my sb700 on my A7.
    I found this:
    Basically, you can use the small sony hvl-20m as trigger(optically) OR you can get other trigger.
  • Yongnuo RF-603 II is a cheap radio trigger that works fine with any flash in manual mode. They also work as a a remote shutter release. I have the original version which serves me well. Version 2 has some minor enhancments.

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