Intimate Portraiture FAQs

Q. Do I only get to watch this once, or can I save it for later?

A. You get to download everything to your computer, that way you can review it as often as you like.


Q. What sort of equipment do you shoot with in the videos?

A. I specifically shoot with a WIDE range of equipment. In terms of Cameras I shoot with Canon, Nikon and a Fuji Mirrorless. For lighting and accessories I use some homemade accessories, portable strobes and lightstands, as well as studio equipment. Importantly, I show you how to get great results even if you have no lighting equipment to use - just your camera, lens and an eye for the light.


Q. Is this adults only material?

A. The video series is by no means pornographic or gratuitious. It does however contain full nudity throughout, and therefore is suitable for mature aults.


Q. How big at the files, and how do I download them?

A. Once you pay via paypal, you will instantly be sent secure download links for each of the individual files. This way you do not need to download as one huge file - you can do 1 by 1. The total size for all video and bonus materials is around 7.1gb for the 1080 HD, and about 3.2gb for the 720 HD.


Q. I am just getting started - how much shooting experience do I need to learn from this series?

A. The series is structured to work for all levels. I start out talking you through nude portraiture generally - how to approach it and how to start working with models. Then in each shoot video, I start by going through the game plan for the shoot, the gear we are using and the goals. Then in each scenario I talk to you directly via the camera, showing obstacles, options and how we can create the results we want. NOTE: I present images that are largely straight from camera - so you can see the reality of this kind of shoot - rather than the final images that are retouched and adjusted so much, they may not resemble the files captured.


Q. I have never shot a nude model before - I am not sure I would be comfortable. How can I take the first step?

A. The series includes my 'Getting started with Models' series. In this audiobook and accompanying PDF, I run through all these aspects. How to find, negotiate with, set terms and start working with nude models. And throughout the videos I show you techniques, poses and lighting setups that are great for first time posers, as well as intermediate and advanced options.


Q. Is the price listed in AUD or USD? How does this work with my credit card or paypal?

A. The price is US dollars. Paypal will automatically change it to your local currency, so you will be billed in your own currency. You can pay via credit card of your Paypal balance etc.


Q. I am into portraiture, but not nude portraiture specifically - is this series wasted on me?

A. Definitely not - in this series I show you how to work with your subject, build repore, evaluate lighting, pose and light to create the results you want. These skills are invaluable for all forms of portraiture - nude or otherwise.


Q. Do you shoot women only? What about couples?

A. The subjects were chosen specifically to present a range of body types, as well as lighting and environmental challenges. On 6 of the shoots we are shooting with a female nude model, and in one segment - at the beach - we shot with both a man and woman. We shot them individually, and as a couple.


Q. Can I see a sample of a specific video?

A. We cannot put up every segment for review - however below is a short clip from one of the latest photoshoots.


Q. I have a question about the video series that ISN'T listed above. How can I contact you?

A. Visit the contact page HERE and send me a message!


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