Photo storage and back up - Ultimate Studio set up

Featured Thursday, 16 June 2016 01:20

2.5tb of data in a month... it is a lot to process - LITERALLY!

In this video I run through the new QNAP rack mounted raid system, and Seagate NAS HDDs I am using in studio to make my workflow WORK.

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  • Comment Link Matt Perry Monday, 20 June 2016 09:07 posted by Matt Perry

    Good choice with the NAS - have been using a QNAP 4-bay for several years and am about to add another unit. I can then replicate from one to the other for increased data security

    thanks for all the great videos btw - really useful for an amateur part-time snapper like me

    but I would advise getting the NAS into a rack as soon as you can - even if its just a basic half height 19" rack

    It looks better, but really its about the safety of your data - the reason you went for the NAS in the first place

    In a rack, the NAS

    can't fall off of anything
    can't be knocked or in any other way physically easily damaged
    is less likely to have the power lead knocked out/fall out while it is running
    can be locked away/secured

    Best Regards


  • Comment Link Andrew Gray Wednesday, 22 June 2016 14:56 posted by Andrew Gray

    I use two 2TB usb 3 drives
    One drive for photos and raw
    second one connected when new photos add to first, robocopy scripts sync them


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